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From the ‘It happened this millennia‘ Desk: Just read this off Slashdot, apparently an ancient village has been discovered within two miles of the ancient site known as Stonehenge at a place called Durrington Walls.  Apparently the site has been carbon dated to around 2600 BC, which is around the […]

Random Bits

  Continuing my baffling series of unbalanced, insane and yet thoroughly enjoyable rants on Windows Vista, we’ve reached Part 3 – the bit they(ve) missed or perhaps under or overstated.    There are number of convincing benefits which may make Vista an attractive migration/upgrade today (i.e. from consumer launch on […]

Why Vista? The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – ...

We’ll take a quick break from my multi-part post on Windows Vista to bring you this outrage-based rant on unfair increases in Fuel prices.   Fuel prices have suddenly skyrocketed without any possible reasoning.   When does it become time to start publically naming and shaming oil company executives?  I mean, personally telling […]

Absolute Disgrace: Fuel Prices jump 12c/litre overnight

  Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilali has been in the news lately.  So has Hillary Clinton; Hilali – Hillary.  It’s a good time to be named something rhyming with Hillary, or is it?  In this case it’s a ying/yan proposition.  The former is in the news for nefarious reasons.  The former […]


  It’s almost too hot to be considering a blog post, but here I am anyways.   Tonight we’re having a bit of a social event, I’m not sure how many people are coming, but it’s a few. We’ll probably have about 4 xbox 360’s hooked up and networked, which […]

Ugh it’s hot

  Advanced warning: Sport Post.  Joesph Cooney, please ignore.   OK, so I know that this post is two days in arrears, but I didn’t want to lose the sentiment by analysing round 2 of the Australian Open – at least without discussing Lleyton Hewitt’s first round match.   Those […]

Anatomy of a Champ

From the lovely North American vista of Canada (home of free speech and a conservative but practical government – no sarcasm indended), comes this disturbing article from the CBC. Basically, Canada is due to potentially enact (they’ll lead you to believe this is the same as ‘artist’-friendly) music-industry friendly copyright protection […]

More on Copyright – this time in Canada

  Assume you’ve got no more than 10 days, 2 people, and a reasonable budget (up to AUD $7,000).  Further assume you live in Sydney, Australia (i.e. rather remote for intl travel purposes).  Where do you go and/or what do you do?  How do you achieve value for money within […]

Holiday Planning

  A Recent report on Customer satisfaction with the major Australian banks has been published.   I don’t know who they asked, because I don’t know more than a handful of people who would have anything encouraging or constructive to say about bank service, myself included.   The major banks […]

Can’t get no satisfaction?

Check out Apple’s new idea… Introducting the Apple iPhone.  Ugh, how I loathe iPods.  However, there is an outside chance that Apple’s phone might be more stable than Windows Mobile 5 devices, so there is still hope for the iPhone.  Unfortunately, the iPhone has a rechargeable battery which can’t be removed […]


Today I’ve decided to republish a post from my original coding blog.  This one is in C++ and comes from the days when I used to work on MFC and other C++ applications. Here’s some code which determines the rights of the user under which the code is executed (pretty […]


  Santa was very generous this year and delivered a very nice xbox 360.  Now, I had a feeling that this might happen so I went out pre-Christmas and bought some games in anticipation.  The older you get the more clairvoyant.. to a point.   Starting Games Lineup:   Project […]

I’ve got a new xbox 360!