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Hi Everyone, If you are interested in learning about Windows Server 2008, there is a free event being held next week in Sydney on Tuesday (yes, Melbourne Cup day) and Wednesday at Cliftons (in the CBD). You can register here and also, the course is being held overseas too – […]

Free Windows Server 2008 Event

Heh, most geeks have electronic devices or computers which will tell us when the time shift occurs, but just in case you happen to be sitting at a computer which hasn’t already changed, check out this great site from the Victorian government.  Oh, and start winding all your clocks forward […]

Don’t get fooled by daylight savings

More depressing news (courtesy of slashdot) from the world of public domain works.  Seems a website hosted in Canada has been targeted by copyright owners for providing works of classical music still covered by copyright in certain countries, despite the fact that the site clearly labels the status of copyright […]

More damage to the public domain

Hi all.  I’m entering a new chapter this coming week, whereby I’ll commuting weekly to Melbourne from for the next few months. Regular interstate travel.. Fun distraction or energy sapping nuisance?  What do you think? For one thing, I’m sure to get a lot more reading and, probably, a few […]

A Weekend’s Musing(S)

Time for some random thoughts.   "Shot through the heart and you’re to blame, you gave sting-rays a bad name"   So the Chaser’s War on Everything (Wednesdays at 9pm, ABC TV) performed a song this week surmising that celebrities are usually more remembered for their virtues than their ills, which is fine […]

Chaser’s War Offend.. How Original

From the bots over at ziff-davis (zdnet) comes this article on MS Vista being unable to cope with copying 16,000+ files.  Naturally, I copy 16k worth of files on a routine basis.  Not.  Okay, so the operating system should deal with this scenario, I’m sure Windows XP was able to […]

Hot on the heels of another Vista glitch

This just in.. An Australia political party who, if ‘elected’, would enable registered Australian voters to vote on legislation in parliament. From the site: "Senator On-Line (‘SOL’) is a truly democratic party which will allow everyone on the Australian Electoral roll who has access to the internet to vote on […]

This just in

Ha!  You thought you’d heard the last of the ongoing EA Sports Madden NFL saga, hadn’t you?   Well, since my initial posts a week or so ago, I’ve had heaps of hits on the posts.  This indicates the widespread and serious nature of the bugs (note: plural).   So, […]

EA Sports Madden NFL 2008 Issue Wrapup

According to, the Australia dollar has cracked the US 0.90c barrier today.  It’s time to buy stuff from! It’s certainly time to decide if you need to buy/import anything, take advantage of the excellent strength of our Aussie dollar.  Heck, it’s a good time to travel to the […]

Aussie dollar hits record high

A little something for how big business views use of their intellectual property (does a work become void if the owner has no intelligence?). In a recent hearing for the RIAA, Sony’s head of litigation took the stand and amazingly let slip that Sony’s opinion, legally speaking, is that any consumer […]

Head of Sony Litigation Speaks Her Mind

Overnight in Marseilles, France, the Australian Rugby Union team bowed out of the 2007 Rugby World Cup to make room for better teams. Yes, this was a pretty bittersweet blog post to have to write, but the team which has lacked cohesion throughout the year (let alone the tournament) never […]

Wallabies outgunned by ‘underdog’ English