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Just bumped into this gem in a JB HIFI catalog and immediately bought the last set they had in store: "Stanley Kubrick – Directors Series" from Warner Home Video. The set includes: 2001: A Space Odyssey (Two-Disc Special Edition), A Clockwork Orange (Two-Disc Special Edition), The Shining (Two-Disc Special Edition), […]

Finally, Decent Quality Kubrick

A very merry Christmas to all, may your new year be safe and prosperous. I tend to find Christmas is a good time to look back and reflect upon the year.  This year has had many ups and downs.  We lost my grandfather around mid year, our first loss in […]

Merry Christmas

Hi Everyone.  With the new year fast approaching, I thought it was time for a new post category.  Introducing the Gadgets category! —————————————————————–So here’s info on my early Christmas present to myself… Background NFO: When I bought my foldout bluetooth keyboard (for my slate PC) back in April, I got a […]

My latest gadget

Hi all.  So, this is a rant (skip if you will). You’ve come to love and respect the rant process, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this entry.  This fact warms the cockles of my heart, maybe below the cockles, perhaps the sub-cockle area; Maybe in the liver.  Maybe in the […]

Ode to Vista..

Hi there.  Well,  I’ve had some fun and games uninstalling Visual Studio 2005.  Since Visual Studio 2008 went RTM recently, I’ve been running both VS2005 and 2008 side-by-side.   This actually seems to work fine. However, hard drive space on my tablet PC is at a premium (being that the drive […]

Uninstalling Visual Studio 2005

So over the weekend I contemplated some additional refinements for the Technic Mindstorms Tri-bot which I’ve been working on.   The lack of reverse direction motor functionality has been concerning me a fair bit and I’ve started to wonder whether I should pull apart and rework the intelligence brick cradle. […]

More Robot Changes

So the place I’m staying at currently has IPTV.    This means that the nice big plasma TV has been locked out at the hardware layer.  More specifically, it won’t accept external input.  This is a real shame because I usually like to hook my laptop up to the larger […]

IPTV and why it sucks where I’m staying

On the weekend I bought a new set of rollerblades so that I could blade while working in Melbourne.  My previous blades (in Sydney) were Salomon blades.   The new blades (Seba FR2) are designed as "all rounder" skates for street skating and also ramp and park skating.  They’re designed […]

New Blades in Melbourne

So, I’d assumed that everyone knew… LINQ isn’t going to officially support (RTM) SQL Server /SQL Server 2008 until Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (or, more specifically, I’d guess a Framework revision).    Everyone probably knows that SQL Server and Windows Server 2008 both will be hitting RTM in February, rumoured […]

More Annoying Thoughts

Recently (last month) I travelled from Melbourne to Sydney and sat next to an airline hostess who was in transit to work the return flight.  We had a good chat about travelling and, eventually, about the reasoning behind those safety instructions that are demonstrated at the start of each flight. […]

Airline Safety Instructions

Below is the current list of top 20 films (as of 6 December 2007)as voted by IMDB users.  Except for "No Country for Old Men" which was only released recently, I have all these titles on DVD. IMDB Top 20 The Godfather (1972)The Shawshank Redemption (1994)The Godfather: Part II (1974)Buono, […]

IMDB’s top 20 films – my thoughts