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Lunchtime special presents……"I remember when…" – Monitors where monochrome– Cartridges were the only source of fun– 512kb seemed huge!– My dot matrix printer required a sound booth– I had a 40mb HDD on my 386sx/16mhz with 1096kb of RAM– …but it was VESA compatible!– My first word processing package was […]

Nostalgic Geek Post

Well, not long ago I posted an entry on the ACTA copyright trade agreement and now there is this article from indicating that Canada is attempting to join the party.  For shame. The article mentions a lot more detail than any other articles I have read – I’m inclined […]

Your Rights, Part 2

There’s a new document posted at WikiLeaks here which would effectively propose a plurilateral (multi-national) strict top-down enforcement of protection of intellectual property by criminalizing non-profit distribution of intellectual property (note: this is not considered piracy because no one is making a profit).  Typically worded (and titled) as the "anti-counterfeiting trade […]

New Proposal Leaked

First and foremost, let me take the time to congratulate Readify’s own David Burela who is a member of this years winning team (in Australia) in the Imagine cup!   His team will go on to compete, representing Austgralia at the Imagine Cup world final in Paris later this year.  Excitement!  […]

A few words

So my wife and I have been residents up north for a little while now.  Getting to know the lay of the land, as some might say. Tonight was a big deal – our first "State of Origin" clash in Queensland.  This is a series of Rugby League games which […]

Life across the boarder

Some may be wondering where have my blog posts been?  I’ve just been a little ultra-busy of late, but plan to return to form shortly.  There has been much work and interesting things happening and I’ll work to write up what I can. Good luck to Paul Stovell tonight, he […]

Where have I been?

Strong naming. Net assemblies isn’t new.  Prepping dependency assemblies (specifically, those not in the Global Address Cache) is also non-trivial but necessary. Here’s a quick way to apply strong naming to an existing (non-signed) assembly. From a Visual Studio.NET command prompt, enter the following: 1.       To Generate a Strong Name […]

Want to Strong Name?

Over the weekend I killed my original (custom) tribot design and attempted to build a more robust model.  I decided to drop a tribot and focus on a humanoid frame – eventually I simply built the popular design Lego uses. Walking isn’t this model’s strong suit.  It walks with some […]

Mindstorms NXT: Redux (Part 1)

…and I lived to tell the tale. Hi gamers.  If you’re like me (and you obviously are, as 4,000+ unique hits to this blog will attest!) you like to play Madden NFL on, most likely, the Xbox 360.  If you bought (or threw away) money on Madden NFL 2008 last […]

I Finished Madden 2008 Franchise Mode