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Finally, sick of running low end machines incapable of handling the latest and greatest, on the weekend I bought and built a new machine; a workstation. It’s been some time since I last built a machine by hand (aside from years of reworking old Dell parts into working laptops), so […]

New Gear

Sorry folks, my previous web host stopped providing web hosting last Friday, so last week I had a bit of trouble getting the sites across to another host.  It’s taken a large portion of my personal time, trying to organise everything – hence few blog posts. The good news is […]


Well, it’s a fair to wonder why I spend money buying old vintage vinyl records.  Some time ago I wrote a blog post discussing the resurgence of vinyl records, but I didn’t really tell my side of the story. When we lived in Sydney, there were a number of places […]

Why I Collect Vintage Records

Well, I’ve found two second hand record shops in the Brisbane CBD, located almost around the corner from each other. The first is The Record Exchange which is located upstairs on level 1, 65 Adelaide street and has a huge range of LPs and singles.  They have a private catalogue […]

Second hand record shops in Brisbane

Some may know that I’m a bit of a home theatre enthusiast.  Our current setup merges two HDMI-compliant devices into the one room (our lounge room) and presented us with an interesting challenge: having both displays side-by-side. I’ve recently double-checked the projector distance verses our screen size and everything looks […]

Ensuring correct distance for projection

The topic of how to improve Tech Ed (Australia) came up today from various avenues.  Me being me, I’ve decided to blog my comments/feedback. More in-depth sessions (make them longer if need be)!  Potentially half of the attendees work with the technology on a daily basis, we don’t need the […]

Suggested TechEd Improvements

There’s an auction coming up shortly at Christie’s according to this story from the NY times (online). Included is a copy of Nicolaus Copernicus’s book “De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium” printed in 1543 which arguably kicked off an era of thought which contravened the thinking of the day (predominantly driven my […]

Too cool!

Preface: A few weeks ago I ripped down and rebuilt my Lego Mindstorms NXT model and replaced it with a by-the-numbers build of the "famous" Alpha Rex humanoid version designed by Lego. Photo: The design (Alpha Rex) looks nice, but the model unfortunately doesn’t walk very well.  In fact, […]

Alpha Rex Walk – Solution

So recently I studied for the first in a series of SQL Server focused Microsoft exams (M70-431 A: SQL Server 2005 – Implementation and Maintenance).  To assist me (and, in particular, to determine the scope of knowledge I needed to acquire) I used an exam prep kit from uCertify.  I’m […]

Preparing for Exams