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Sometimes I wonder if this is really news, or just kindling to get me fired up.. Just in from the shores of the European Union – plans afoot to extend *retroactively* copyright on musical works by an insane 45 years. Please join me in a chorus of “you’ve-got-to-be-joking”.  This means that […]

More on Copyright: in the EU

Hi Everyone, Given that (Microsoft’s) TechEd 2008 is a little over a month away now, I thought I might find out who is planning on attending in Sydney this year?  Last year I didn’t think about it until the week before TechEd. This year, I’m thinking it would be a […]

Who’s Going to TechEd?

My folks are visiting Washington DC this week, so I started musing about US Presidents.  This is timely, given that it’s an election year. So, I was thinking, of the choices listed below who would you (hypothetically) vote for if an election was called today, assuming the people below were […]

Vote!: US President

This just in: a blog posting about a secret Lego vault in Denmark containing every Lego(tm) set ever produced. Apparently, Lego uses the kits in copyright cases which is why the boxes remain both mint and unopened – in the vault is every kit ever made (commercially, I’d guess). Which […]

Awesome: Lego Vault

Recently covered by Slashdot, Microsoft has re-released (ok, apparently the April releases were actually ‘preliminary versions‘…) the binary file format details for legacy (pre-Office 2007) Microsoft Office formats (direct link [64 MB file]) (licensing terms for using the information).   Notably absent: Microsoft Access.. the hardest file format to reverse engineer.  In 2001-02 when […]

Office Binary Formats – ….again?