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“The rumors are confirmed! Star Wars: The Old Republic, a massively-multiplayer game set in the critically acclaimed world of Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) was officially announced this week at a press event held at the LucasArts campus in San Francisco.“ Ugh.  Rather than build KOTOR:III which would have […]

Star Wars MMORPG Announced

I recently posted this on Stack Overflow, thought I’d repost it here too. Some random advice on delivering technical presentations: Consider your audience. Is it an all technical audience? If you have a mix of technical and non-technical people, it’s a good idea to start at a high level (conceptual) […]

Technical Presentation Tips

Sometimes in your life you have challenging, stressful and hurtful days, but somehow get through them.  They can be learning exercises for oh so many wrong reasons. These are the times you really want to crawl away and hide until no one notices you.  Something happens in those times and […]

The cost of perception

Recently Paul Stovell made reference to this blog post entry by Jared Parsons (no relation to MrAndyPuppy – or M.RandyPuppy as I once misread).   The introduction of the implicit type ‘var’ has been somewhat controversial.   Some advocate using it by default, and only declaring types where necessary.  Others […]

Type Inference

Well, I’ve found this link here which explains some of the fixes in the recently released patch for the frequently buggy Madden NFL 2009. Looks like they have adjusted the player progression bug in Franchise mode – and I can officially verify that it takes effect immediately once applied (to […]

Details in Madden 2009 NFL Patch 2

Hi Everyone,   Just in case you didn’t know already this year’s SQL Code Camp is on this coming weekend in that outback pleasure paradise, Wagga Wagga – NSW.   Last year I was unable to attend due to family commitments, but this year I’m going, and I’m co-presenting on […]

SQL Code Camp: This Weekend