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The (1) news is in that potentially the key crew of the fateful deep space mining vessel Red Dwarf could be rejoining to make some new episodes of the hit 90’s British Sci Fi show.  The show went a little sideways after cast and crew ventured to the US to […]

Red Dwarf…Shall return?

We just wound up another January 26th in the fair country of Australia.  A public holiday for all, as the nation remembers and celebrates the landing of British sailers of the First Fleet who landed at Sydney cove on this same date, back in 1788. There’s been talk of changing […]

Happy Birthday(?) Australia

Hi All, This week I’m in Sydney until Wednesday night, so there’s a pause on new blog entries until I get back to Brisbane.  The flavour of this week is to spend as much time as possible doing face-to-face meetings and whiteboarding sessions to get new ideas, approaches and solutions […]

When in Sydney, do as Sydneysiders do?

Regular readers might be hampering for a technical post soon – and you won’t be disappointed.  I’ve got the next SDS article (binary data) as well as another few in a series on the ADO Entity Framework (stay tuned for those ones), but I’m going to take the time to […]

Second Looks

Was down at a good second hand record store today where I picked up a copy of this long out of print double LP (1) “The Story of The Who” in excellent condition. It’s good to find the odd rarity, and the records play really well – nice and loud.  […]

Who.. The Story of The Who

After our recent sojourn home to Canberra and back, I managed to acquire a number of copies of a South Australian paper (Adelaide-based) “The Register” from between August – October 1914.  Apparently the newspaper is no longer in circulation.  Searching the National Library, I’ve found an entry for the Adelaide […]

Lucky Find: Newspapers from 1914

Happy New Year!  Let’s hear a rendition of Auld Lang Syne and drink merrily!  Best wishes from Brisbane, Australia and to celebrate here are some photos I took of the Brisbane New Years fireworks spectacular – punctuated by additional celebrations as Queensland commemorates its 150th birthday this year (150 years […]

From Brisbane: Happy New Year – 2009