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Hi all.  So, for those who have been searching for Madden NFL 2008 bug workarounds, boy – you’ve hit the right blog.   I’ll link underneath (later) to the other previous blog posts which relate to workarounds for the Franchise mode simulation freeze issue and the other issue to do […]

Madden 2008 Franchise Workaround Pt 2

Hi all.  So I know that I haven’t updated the blog since last Monday.  No, it wasn’t a case of pouting over Green Bay’s inexplicable loss at home to the New York Giants (although it still stings).    We just celebrated a national holiday in Australia – Australia Day – […]

Where have I been?

So, like a good fan I was following the game.  I was sending instant messages to another fan (whose responses have been blanked  for privacy).  This is an interesting account of the fourth quarter and overtime. Start of the fourth quarter: Rob Sanders says:lets just not call any stupid screensRob […]

Green Bay blows the NFC Championship at home

Well, the weekend was odd.  We inspected 4 properties which convinced us that a cheaper lower maintenance option is the way to go. We spent close to $500 on flights, plus car rental at $150 then, to top it off, the hire car’s battery died and we had RACQ come […]

To Brisbane and back

So I had a little spare time just now, and decided to se what was happening on facebook.  Nothing, as it turns out.  Seems like all the applications are broken.  They can’t be added or used. Ho hum. Anyhow, back to a pet peeve of mine: Microsoft will you fix […]

Facebook is broken

So for people who are new to the "Rants" category, posts in the aforementioned category are usually me blowing off some steam. These are usually fairly harmless, just a nice way to highlight some of the oddities of my day/week/month/life.   Now this rant by a former Ruby on Rails developer […]

Now *that’s* a rant!

Few games come out based on historical events.  Assassin’s Creed aims to represent as realistically as possible the world during the times of the Crusades in the Holy Land.  This includes references to real historical figures of the time and the developers, UbiSoft, obviously aimed to have the player living […]

Game Review: Assassin’s Creed [xbox 360]

Currently Reading: "History of the Royal Navy" by Sir Harris Nicolas First Edition, Published London, 1847 in two volumes   Whilst I’ve been in Melbourne, I’ve been putting to good use, so I came across this two volume set at a store in the Melbourne CBD. For $50, I picked up […]

History of the Royal Navy

This post is to address my ongoing love affair with Windows Server 2008, which is in RC1.   Those of you who have been following my travesties with Windows Vista will undoubtedly know through my numerous posts to this blog, my pain and suffering under that particular operating system.  Not […]

Windows Server 2008

To everyone "out there" (on the world wide web), please have a safe and prosperous new year.  To my special group of regular readers, hope additionally that you win the lotto and/or get three wishes (genie-style) in 2008.   More info.. Since we’re moving to Queensland ("the land so beautiful, […]

Happy New Year – 2008