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The persistence of time can be easily summarised as such: Read (the past), Read/Write (the present) and Write (the future).   Since we have no proof to oppose this statement, we can say that the past is "read only", in essence, it can’t be changed.  What is done is done.    […]

Time Travel, Today..

  Some say, ‘do it for the kids’.  Not a bad idea.  So why not bid on this little gem of an auction at eBay..   Reckon it’s worth a few dollars for 6 beers and cheese, plus a hit on the nets. The location is in Canberra, but it’s […]

Do it for charity!

Wow.  The Wallabies beat a team they should have.  Let us rejoice. It’s really quite funny.  We had our air conditioning fixed last week, and the repairman (Ray) and I started talking Union.   He asked me who I’d rate at what position in the current team.  Irony?  The team that […]

Rugby: Australia v Scotland

Less than a week ago, finally on DVD, the Crowded House farewell concert was released.   It was worth the wait!  The entire concert was re-cut for widescreen viewing, and a brand new DTS audio track was mixed. This, a two disc set, also contains three documentaries including original TV […]

Crowded House: 10th Anniversary DVD

  Here are two recent photos I’ve taken.  The first is of the historic Queen Victoria Building in the city.     We stopped here a little while ago and had coffee and snacks with friends (Trish, Paul and Uzuri) after dining at the David Jones Food Hall on Market Street. […]

Recent Pix

Windows Mobile Device Center (Beta 3 Release) for Windows Vista RC1   This is also under a new category, Mobility Musings (I get bored, so I invent categories, can you blame me?).   It’s my understanding that Windows Vista is supposed to allow synchronization ‘out-of-the-box’* with Windows Mobile devices, but I waited until after […]

Windows Vista and Mobile Devices

Welcome to the first publication under the category "Free Stuff".   I’ve created this category as a way to publish information about, you guessed it, stuff that is free.  Occasionally I run into various websites or information about free content, so I’ll post it up here.   So, in that […]

Free e-Books!

Interesting article on "Popular Mechanics" recently:   In case you skipped reading the whole (or part) of the article, the basic concern is that in the future society may lack the information necessary to un-archive information from the present time.  This is partly due to the proprietary formats in […]

The Digital Ice Age

..from Vista Help:   What is User Account Control?  User Account Control (UAC) is a feature in Windows that can help prevent unauthorized changes to your computer. UAC does this by asking you for permission or an administrator password before performing actions that could potentially affect your computer’s operation or […]

User Account Control (UAC)

I’m rather enamoured with all things rustic and/or antique.  You might have guessed based on my first post on this blog.   My original tendency in high school and college was towards all things Historical (ancient, medieval, pre-industrial and modern), so it’s not a total surprise that I have a […]

Antiques, Australian

  Wallabies ‘Thrashed’ in Ireland this morning;,8659,20787698-23217,00.html   I *didn’t* stay up to watch this monstrocity (for a change) and it was probably a very good thing I didn’t. Match report doesn’t do much but to sing praise to Ireland.  At least Australia managed 6 points..   Can’t say […]

Sunday, Ugly Sunday

MS Labs is a research arm of Microsoft.  They’ve released a tech preview of some pretty exciting technology:   It’s pretty impressive stuff..  recommended for viewing on a broadband (fast) connection, for optimum viewing. You need to be running on Windows XP or Vista (though it will run on […]