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Hi Everyone,   Last week the blog here at went over the 3,000 visits count.  Now a lot of these vists were regulars (you know who you are), and quite a few were recorded by me entering content or checking the stats, but a good deal of the hits […]

3000 Visits

  Tomorrow is Anzac Day, so stay tuned for more posts from Thursday onwards.   Windows Vista Ultimate Edition: DreamScene Ultimate Extra   This review relates to the release preview edition, may not be applicable to the final edition.   It’s a pretty neat idea, playing video files as desktop wallpaper, […]

DreamScene Preview Review

  This year, 100 years ago… Here is an amusing link to an article which references another article which was originally penned over 100 years ago.. Thanks to MattL for the heads up.   A very amusing tale indeed.   On the news this morning, I heard that apparently several Sydney […]

More Random Thoughts

  Just when all your civil liberties are busy being stripped away comes free WinForms evaluation controls from Telerik and, if you act fast, complete this survey to perhaps win a free developer license. – you need to register to download the evals   Take this survey:   […]

Free Controls

  * Red Hot Chili Peppers: In Concert *   Kicking off today’s blog post: Red Hot Chili Peppers – April 17th and 19th. Acer Arena, Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush Bay, NSW, Australia, Planet Earth, Milky Way.   This is the first time I’ve been to the same concert for two different […]

Medium-Hot Chili Peppers

  What an interesting year.  The public are generally "into" Labor leader Kevin Rudd because Labor are painting such a lovely picture of him.  Will he be the next PM?  Some thoiughts:   – With blog entries like this one, he shows a lack of media management.  The risk in […]


Well, for one thing on the way to the station today we heard on the radio the news about the shootings in the US.  Not a great way to start the day; being reminded of Australia’s own version (Port Arthur in 1996).   It’s also ironic given my last blog […]

Horrible Day

While we were in the states, controversial radio host Don Imus (think: Howard Stern’s competition) was being publically chewed for comments he made on air about the Rutger’s (a US College/University) Women’s basketball team.   It’s funny, because the "land of the free" – with free speech and all – […]

Imus fired

So, back from overseas, what to do? As expected not much has changed here @ home.   Thinking of technical articles, I think I might do an entry soon but I can’t settle on a topic. I’m open to ideas.   this weekend the NSW Waratahs debase themselves in front […]

Weekend Review

  So here are a few links to the various web sites of the places we stayed the last couple of days..   Sheraton Keauhou Bay   TripAdvisor Review (Sheraton)   Kona Country Club (Golf)   TripAdvisor Review (Kona)   Four Seasons Manele Bay   TripAdvisor Review (Manele)   ‘The […]

A Look Back

I’ve added three new photos to a new gallery..  It’s been a very busy two days including a 24-hour travel day on Monday.   Yesterday we went to the Hawaii Volcano National Park – a 2.5 hour drive from Kona/Keauhou Bay.   On the way we stopped off at various […]

Hawaii Pics Up

Hi all.    It’s been a while since my last non-political rant.  This time, I’m cheesed off with Sydney Morning Herald ( and its shameless popups/"pop-behind" advertisements.   Now fair enough, sites derive revenue through banner advertising, and some of the advertising can actually be worth a look (not that […]

Popups and “pop-behinds”,23599,21444740-2,00.html   Not I, sir.  Although my posts are becoming slightly more sporadic (time constraints), I’m still keepin’ it real..  Yeah..   So, in Malaysia – where drugs and crime arte generally a fairly big deal the government sees fit to train and use sniffer dogs educated in the […]

Death of Blogging?