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Hi.   Well, I’ve been thinking about sitting through another Akira Kurasawa epic sometime soon.  I have a number of options, but can’t decide which one to choose.  Maybe you can help.  I’ve got four options (four unviewed films):   1. Throne of Blood – Japanese adaptation of Macbeth (filmed […]

Which Kurasawa film to choose from?

  According to this post there be no PDC this year.  This means that TechEd will undoubtedly be huge this year.  Get your tickets now.   While you’re at it maybe it’s time to learn about: Codename ‘Orcas’ == next version of Visual Studio SQL Server (Katmai) == next version of […]

PDC, oh where be thy PDC?

Well, I’m pretty depressed with the state of Australia right now.   Pretty damn ticked off, to be precise.  So sick and tired I reckon I should set up my own policital party.  The Liberals can’t be trusted.  The Labor party are too incompetent (at any level) to be in […]

Fine.. I’ll go build my own theme park

Hi ‘Yall   Well, nothing new really, but I’m moving back onto a very heavy project so my updates will, unceremoniously, become somewhat less often. Shame, but I just won’t have the time to act as ostentatiously as I would like..   Anyhow, in the meantime watch this space – […]

Old news is good news

Well, visitation to the site has gone down, to basically none [none = me].   I’ve often wondered if there was much point to maintaining a blog that no one reads. So.. Unless someone puts something in the address book, or leaves a comment – or visits the goddamn site, […]

What the heck..

Hi..   Well, it’s been about six months since I bought my first ever x64 (64 bit) personal computer.  At the time I figured I should "get with the times" and weenmyself of my long time interdependence on 32-bit processors.  Now, here’s the thing, there is a very poor level […]

x64 Support

Hi All.   I know it’s been a while between posts – pretty busy at the moment – but enough time for some random stuff. There is one photos attached, I’ll put up some others too.  Random shots I’ve taken with my camera.  Feel free to post comments..   Rob […]

Some Random Photos

Well, it’s official – the Brumbies are out of the Super 14 semis with the Reds giving it all up to the Bulls in South Africa. What a horrible season for both QLD and NSW rugby.. Although there was some good news in that Lote Tuquri managed to sneak in […]

Awful, awful Reds