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  From the good people at Ars Technica comes this weeks’ bogus US legal ruling, which originated from a court case pitting the Motion Picture (MPAA) against well known BitTorrent site, which is based in Europe: "Judge Cooper took issue with TorrentSpy’s argument that data in RAM is not […]

In the News: This Week

Hi Readers,   This week I am on assignment in Melbourne helping out the team here with some requirement and architecture analysis. Internet access was down for a time, so I was unable to post any updates.  This has now changed.   I was going to do a series this week in […]

On Assignment

OK, enough tech stuff.. time for a sports post.  Paul, Joseph.. Skip this entry 🙂  I noticed on the stats page that someone landed on this blog with a search query of "NFL on Foxtel".  Thus, this post..   Today I started watching Denver vs San Francisco since ESPN is covering […]

NFL on Foxtel

Some good news for a change! A court decision has backed Sydney startup company IceTV over Channel 9 in a case to determine whether IceTV’s electronic program guide is in violation of Nine’s copyright to their scheduling, the merit of the case precariously balanced on IceTV’s guide being similar to Nine’s. […]

Consumers Win

From the great Win32 API in the sky comes an introduction to Windows Event Hooks.   One of my favourite debuggiong techniques (from the old, unmanaged code days) was subclassing other Windows’ windows.   Now there are some obvious ways to protect your code from unwanted processing attention.  This all […]

Windows Event Hooks

Who is going to Tech Ed 2007 in the Gold Coast?   Next week (for me) starting on Wednesday, Tech Ed kicks off in style and I’ll be there with the usual suspects. Looking forward to Luke Drumm’s presentation on the XNA studio and Xbox game development.  Rocky Heckman is delivering a […]

Tech Ed 2007