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News today comes via that Microsoft is redesigning Windows Live Search. Coincidentally, Bruce Mcleod was just taking aim at the variations between Google and Windows Live search on his blog. Based, in part, on Bruce’s argument I think it is clear to see why the Live search functionality needs […]

Someone’s Been Reading Bruce’s Blog

Hi.  Well just arrived today is the mother of all Lego kits.  I’ve been collecting the ‘Ultimate Collector Edition’ kits for some time now as I enjoy building and unwinding. However this kit might just be the biggest challenge as yet!  Over 5,000 parts the end model comes in measuring […]

Monster Kit

So, I’ve been considering the purchase (or salary sacrifice) of a new laptop.  My two current Laptops are great, but could use improvement.  The tabby (‘Lil’ Beastie) really won’t like Windows Vista and will probably be a Windows XP Tablet Edition machine for the rest of it’s life.  It’s the […]

Laptop Suggestions

G’day all. It’s been a little while since my last post.  Why the delay?  It’s been fairly hectic of late, for a few reasons.  Here goes.. Excuse List (Pick any two) 1. My wife and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary and tenth year together.  Now we are into double […]

Where have I been?

Ignore as appropriate (IAA).   A big weekend of sport requires a big post, no?  This weekend I managed to cover the Rugby World Cup (Aus v Wales and Canada v Fiji) as well as a few NFL games (although, not many since the televised games were all pretty one […]

Obligatory Sport Post

Guten Tag, Salut and G’day.    The blog here has officially just clocked over 5,000 unique hits since the inaugural post last year (it’s almost 12 months.. time flies).   That’s not a huge amount of traffic if you’re a site like, but for my own wee little blog with its […]

Happy 5,000th

  So, another shameless slashdot repost, since it concerns copyright and also because it’s one of my personal bugbears.From AECNews comes this interesting article about AutoDesk Inc (makers of AutoCAD) who invoked the holy Digital Millennium Copyright Act to have  copies of AutoCAD removed from sale on the popular auction site […]

Your Rights Online

Hiya, If you’re unlucky enough to be working with IIS 5.1 under Windows XP Pro, you’ll no doubt be aware that out-of-the-box it doesn’t support multiple websites.    Luckily,  IIS does ship with a number of administrative VB script files which allow you to modify the IIS metabase as well […]

Managing IIS 5.1 on Windows XP Pro

Hi Gamers,   So partly based on feedback from an earlier post, I’ve formulated a sort of workaround for the simulation freeze/lockup issue in Madden NFL 2008.  Basically, I’ve been able to *easily* reproduce this bug so accurately, it’s like clockwork (EA should be embarrassed).   The Problem:   In […]

Madden 08 Franchise Sim Workaround

Okay, it’s time for…….   Madden 2008 (XBOX 360) : The Good, The Bad and The UGLY   Hi to all.  I’ve been playing Madden NFL Football for over ten years on various consoles (PC/PlayStation/PS2/xbox/xbox360).    Last year I made the switch from the xbox to the xbox 360 (to take advantage […]

Madden 08.. Oh why… [Game Review]

  Nick Randolph posted this to the aus-dotnet mailing list today:   Anyone interested in doing any form of mobile or embedded development should head over to the OpenNETCF community site (  This site has just been launched and they are currently working to migrate the existing OpenNETCF forums across.  […]

Mobility Site

OK, I’m just about ready to lose it.   I’ve had Madden 08 since the Friday before last and the game has locked up about 30 – 40 times.  Last night *I COULD NOT SIM ANY GAMES* (I tried about 7 times with 7 hard resets).   Yes, that’s right.  When you […]

Madden 2008 and the Random Freeze

So this week I’m concerned with what has become of Australia as APEC gets underway at the Opera House, in Sydney.    But first: on Saturday night I went and saw the third Bourne movie, the Bourne Ultimatum.  Now, why is it that when someone has a cold, they decide, […]

Movies and APEC