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Tonight I was having a chat with David Halliday (recent of the Sharepoint team in Redmond) and we got to talking about variety in terms of work.  I think at one point I said something along the lines of "let’s face it, if you haven’t solved (a business problem) within […]

The Twelve Month Question

Hi Everyone, It just occurred to me that you can follow the happenings of days 1 & 2 via hashtags.  There are a lot of great posts across all the sessions, it’s a great way to enjoy Code Camp if you weren’t able to actually attend in person.

Code Camp Oz: Day Two

Hi Everyone, Just a quick reminder that the 2008 Code Camp Oz is THIS weekend in Wagga Wagga.  If you were planning to go but forgot, better book things quickly.  The official site is here. Some sessions you’ll find me at (and won’t drag me away from): Lessons learned while […]

Code Camp Oz: This Weekend!

But don’t get your hopes up just yet!  It’ll still be a little while until it’s released to a wider community.  Partners and OEM manufacturers will get first shot at the Service Pack while end users can easily expect to wait until (Northern Hemisphere) summer time to get their hands […]

Windows XP SP3 goes RTM

Hi Everyone,   On the weekend I constructed a new blog located here to write about the various bottles of wine I’ve bought, opened or poured down the sink. If you have an interest in wine, or are thinking about getting into it – or even if you need to buy a […]

Wine Blog for Wine Lovers

It’s time for another Proclamation of Doom.. This time, it’s my fair and well balanced government who are adopting the same puritanical overbearing right wing fundamentalist viewpoints which we have come to know and love from the United States government: the systematic removal of a democratic society’s right to privacy. […]

Privacy in Australia? Forget it

Well, if you’re like me, you like to read some technical content when you can. Here are some links for weekend reading: Tatham, listing different state options for ASP.Net: How  about this Service modelling tool: Or a tool for writing ADO EF queries?: Finally, the Microsoft Security […]

Weekend Reading

Well, yesterday I had a chat with a few friends about organising to go and watch the Wallabies play this year during the annual Tri Nations series.  That was, until I reviewed the ticket prices!   Now, I’ve defended the pricing for a number of years, since it (can be) […]

Wallabies Tickets in 2008: Unacceptable

He worked alongside the cinema greats, such as Sophia Loren, Lawrence Olivier, Richard Chamberlain, Christopher Lee and John Gielgud but we will forever remember for his leading role as Judah Ben-Hur. Yesterday Charlton Heston died in his Los Angeles home, aged 83.  Since his larger than life roles in the […]

An ode to Charlton Heston

Last night I watched the three (3) hour director’s cut of Oliver Stone’s 1991 film "JFK" with Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones and a raft of other well known actors. I remember watching this film back in 1991 and, in particular, key lines from the film still resonate ("back and […]

Obligatory JFK-related Post