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Tonight I powered on the Xbox 360 to be told there is a patch available for Madden NFL 09.  I have no idea what the update is for, but I apply it anyway.   I’ll do some digging around to find out what it is supposed to fix. In any case, […]

More Madden 09 Updates

Hi Everyone, As of Wednesday, I’m on annual leave for three days which means there probably won’t be any new blog posts.  Starting next week the posts will resume with more TFS, SQL or other technical wizardry and other random thoughts. /R

On Leave

Well, I just wanted to put together a short post about Microsoft Connect.  For those of you who don’t know about Connect (and if the response at Tech.Ed was any indication, many don’t know!) it’s a great way to participate in Beta programs for new software being released by Microsoft. […]

Microsoft Connect

Avast!  Well today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day so yee’d best be gettin’ into the spirit of the occasion, so says I! There be an official site where land lubbers and sea salts alike be meetin’.  Should you be needin’ some help wiv the pirate-speak why don’t yee […]

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Notes taken from the SQL Server Summit in Sydney Australia September, 2008.   I/O considerations fall into the acronym: GASP$ – Growth, Availability, Size, Performance and $(Price). See for more on availability/failover.   Core I/O requirement is stable media (drives/disks) and write ordering (preserve the correct order of operations). […]

SQL Server I/O Considerations

…On why I like to drink Pinot Noir in addition to decent aged Shiraz.. I’d like to credit Paul Giamatti’s character Miles in the excellent movie "Sideways (2004)" for introducing me to the world of great Pinot from this little monologue: Miles Raymond: Uh, I don’t know, I don’t know. […]

Pinot You Say?

Recently I’ve been in "interpret draconian license" mode.  For a V2 product (Team Foundation Server 2008), Microsoft has not held back in ensuring that everyone pays to use TFS (regardless really of the how and why factors). Personally, I think that making the licensing open and fair ought to be […]

VSTS/Team Foundation Server Licensing

Well, fresh from my previous post on Madden, I’m in a new and potentially blocking situation: I can’t save. I’d really, *really* like to hear from anybody who has suffered from “Freeze syndrome” – i.e. random console locks when playing Madden NFL 2009. It seems that I’ve had a lockup […]

Madden NFL 09 Redux

I’d like to help London Studios (creator of the very successful SingStar franchise) sell a few more games.  There are a number of tracks I’d like to see – these are songs you might find if you wander into a pub and hear the odd tune. This isn’t just a […]

Suggested Songs for SingStar

New year, same glitches.  So fans of this blog and of EA Sport’s Madden franchise (in particular on the Xbox 360) will know that Madden NFL 2008 was basically a release which no one in their right mind would have enjoyed given the heinous defects encountered – especially in franchise […]

Madden 2009 Franchise Mode

So there’s been some recent controversy towards Microsoft Australian and Readify which I’d like to address.  The shame of it is that I think the sentiment is misguided.  Microsoft Tech.Ed (Australia) happens to highlight Readify’s contribution to the Microsoft development community in Australia – mostly by the number of Readify […]

On Being Community Leaders

Hi Everyone, The annual SQL Server Code Camp is on again this year in Wagga Wagga (NSW), Australia.  The dates are October 11th and 12th at Charles Sturt University (CSU). There are some very good sessions (some backing up from the recent Tech.Ed 2008) which will be worth the journey.  […]

SQL Code Camp 2008 – Wagga Wagga