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  So, for those who call New South Wales their home, you’ll probably notice that the state election is being held next month. Those who know me well also know that I follow (for some reason) state and federal politics (because I’m a glutton for punishment).  Heck, I like to know […]

NSW State Election

  So, with much fan fare, we return to the promised land, down under(tm).   The climate is temperate, it’s raining, sunny, humid, windy, stormy.. nice and unpredictable. We had a blast of a time abroad, now it’s time to sink back into a routine and get our collective heads […]

Welcome Home!

  Well, we are officially outta here.  3:30 AM wake up call is scheduled.  Our 6:30am flight should see us hit Los Angeles around 8 AM.   Today we hiked to the Embercardero Centre before back tracking.  We wanted to go to the Zoo, but the Muni (local subway) was […]

Farewell, San Francisco

  Apologies in advance: this post was written over the course of this afternoon… We are standing on the terrace rooftop of Macy’s waiting for a table at the Cheesecake Factory. Below us is the famous Union Square; it sprawls across a city block, lit by a beautiful blue sky.  […]

Friday on my mind…

  Hi guys.  It’s approx 18:10 and Toni’s taken a quick snooze.  We were up and out the door by 8 AM this morning – tour to Muir Woods (Redwood reserve), Sausalito and the Uber-famous Alcatraz! Muir Woods reminded me of Stanley Park and Capilano in Vancouver.  Very pleasant.  Used […]

Behind bars.. The Rock

  WOW, finally have Internet access.  Haven’t fallen off the edge of the world, although we could have at the Grand Canyon.. We visited Lost Wages (Vegas) Monday thru to today.  Yesterday we visited Y Grand Canyon which was interesting.   Last night we saw ‘ka’ by Cirque du Soleil.  We landed in […]

Farewell, Vegas – Hello, San Francisco

Today we visited the Honolulu Zoo and Pearl Harbor.   There were thousands of people leaving Waikiki which made it very difficult to do anything.   In Pearl, we visited the USS Missouri, the battleship featured in 1991’s ‘Under Siege’ with Steven Segal.   Got to keep this brief, we’re in LAX […]

Busy Sunday

  Today I got up early (pre-sunrise) and headed down to the Hilton while Toni had a sleep in. On the beach, I took photos of the wharf/jetty and various buildings as the sun rose in the east.   Unforturnately, Waikiki faces south, so my bold plans for sunrise pictures was […]

Pro Bowl Day

  After a long and sleep-deprived flight we touched down in Honolulu, Hawaii.   The customs queue was a paltry 40 minutes which isn’t the longest I’ve ever encountered. We cleared and met the coach to take us to the hotel – we received flower leis on arrival with the […]

Touchdown, Honolulu

  Wowie, there has been a big storm over Sydney today.  Thunder.. oh there it goes, right while I’m typing.  This is going to be very short entry in case I get fried by lightning (let us hope not).   Bonus rant: Lane Cove tunnel and the RTA = a […]

Thunder and Lightning plus bonus rant

  Hi All,   For those near and dear to me, I’ve updated my gallery of pictures to include Christmas, New Years and some selected photos from Canberra (January 07).   If you don’t have the link already, email me and I’ll forward it on.   More mind numbing content […]

Gallery Updated

** In Game Commentary ** 2 min warning.  Colts have this won, folks. Lovelock is an idiot.  Though, putting Griese in isn’t a bad idea. Now Manning can have fun. Another Rex Int!  My namesake, Bob Sanders! Oh, It’s not looking good for the Bears.  Now they have to play offense or […]

Superbowl Commentary

  Joseph Cooney, look away.   Okay, so tomorrow morning 10 AM AEST, the NFL "Grand Final" – the Superbowl kicks off.  This year pits the Indianapolis* Colts against the Chicago Bears, in South Miami.   Peyton Manning is the star Quarterback for the Colts, and this is his first […]

Another Sports Post