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  Australia vs South Africa Sorry, but I turned off the television set.  The Wallabies playing South Africa in Johannesburg have probably played the worst game I’ve seen in 5 years. In the 68th minute the South Africans crossed to put the score out to 46-8.  There are no silver […]

No words..

Hi all,   Glorious news via numerous sources (Bruce M, Sean C and this blog entry) is that Channel Ten (who are so much better than Channel Seven – see my previous entries for more info) will be broadcasting the NFL in high definition this year.  Four words: bring back Don […]

NFL to hit free-to-air

  Australia vs South Africa Here’s the official report on the Wallabies’ win in South Africa on the weekend. Now it’s my turn.  As you would expect, I’m ready to give Channel Seven a serve for the horrible video quality.  If anyone else taped (or sat up to watch) the […]

Wallaby Gold in South Africa

Channel 7 is delay telecasting tonight’s Wallabies vs Springboks instalment of the Tri Nations.  Instead of broadcasting live (at 11pm AEST) Channel 7 is instead replaying the game at 2 AM AEST tomorrow.  What on earth could they broadcast at 11pm which is better? [Edit] I’m going to edit this […]

Controversial Rugby Coverage

So a friend of mine put me onto ping servers to make blog posts more visible.  Strangely enough, I think I recall this from a while ago, but he found a way to set ping server addresses for Live Space blogs hidden within Live Writer (which I highly recommend). I’m […]

Testing Ping Servers

Here’s my version of the Olympics.  Okay, so you might have seen that one coming?  Australia’s not doing too badly for a country of population circa 21 million – a total of 33 medals, 6 more than Great Britain! Now, let me ask.. Who went out and bought a new […]

My kind of Olympics

Hi all.  Tonight I played Madden 09 on the Xbox 360 for a couple of hours.  Big improvement over Madden 08 in terms of stability, but I have a few items to nit pick. Before I forget (again) – here’s a link to EA Sports site where you can download […]

Madden 2009 Early Review

Today, as promised, Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 was released.  You can download the ~800 MB Service Pack from the following location. Read about what Service Pack brings to the table here.  My experience with (SP 1 Beta) has revolved around the ADO Entity Framework, but I understand that […]

Visual Studio 2008 SP 1 Released

                              Yesterday SQL Server 2008 was released but had a rather unbalanced dependency: SQL won’t install next to a copy of Visual Studio 2008 unless said Visual Studio has been applied with Service Pack 1. Problem: Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio isn’t released until August 11th.  How do […]

Balancing Yin and Yang